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Optergo is a Scandinavian family-owned company with a mission to improve the work quality, efficiency and wellbeing of healthcare professionals. Since 1996 Optergo has designed and built exceptionally lightweight optical solutions for best possible visual acuity and ergonomics at work.

Medeq’s product range includes manufacturers of the world’s best-known orthodontic suppliers. 

GC Orthodontics is a part of the GC Corporation group. The GC Orthodontics product range includes very high-quality products made in Japan. Most popular are GC Orthodontics rhodium coated brackets, tubes, archwires, elastics and composites.
GC Orthodontics

DB Orthodontics is a UK based orthodontic appliance manufacturer. It is a family business that started with the manufacture of Ixion instruments. Today, in addition to Ixion instruments, DB Orthodontics offers various orthodontic supplies, whitening, laboratory, photographic supplies and much more.
DB Orthodontics

Rocky Mountain Orthodontics is the first US company in the world to manufacture orthodontic supplies. The RMO product range covers all orthodontic supplies. A great attention is paid to the production of very high-quality archwires and Bio Progressive brackets and tubes.
Rocky Mountain Orthodontics 

Reliance Orthodontics is a US company focused on manufacturing various orthodontic composites and retainers.
Reliance Orthodontics

Ixion instruments are made of German surgical stainless steel which makes the products strong and durable. The instruments are lightweight and have a streamlined design which makes them easy to work with. Ixion instruments are manufactured in England.

Ixion Instruments

Ixion Instruments Maitenance



You will find different products for aligner treatment. Special aligner instruments, products for patients, composites etc.

All You Need For Aligners

Autograph Whitening is a professional teeth whitening system that is safe, gentle, effective and easy to use.

Autograph Whitening

Our product range includes various myofunctional appliances designed to correct myofunctional habits.




From the Photography Focus catalogue you will find a wide selection of different products to use for intraoral photography. The range includes mirrors, contrastors, retractors and other supplies.

Photography Focus