Medeqi veebileht


1 Day Seminar

By Dr Mazor Yoav (Israel, Tel Aviv University 1990)

The modern concepts and understanding of CL II & CL III malocclusions have been the keystone for the development of new approaches for the malocclusion correction, including in adults…
The Multi Function Appliance – Multi FA, is a unique appliance, developed specifically to match those new concepts, offering not only easy and fast malocclusion correction, but also the correction of other common situation such as space opening, closing and more.

Join us on a 1 day seminar conducted by Dr Mazor Yoav.

1 Day Advanced Training Session

By Niels Hulsink

A complete training program for orthodontic, dental and non- dental professionals. MRC seminars will teach you the myofunctional evaluation system that identifies breathing and myofunctional problems limiting facial growth and causing malocclusion as well as provide you with the ability to treat myofunctional problems evident in almost every child.

4 Day European Summit 2023

A complete training program for orthodontic and dental professionals. Combining TMJ, SDB & Myofunctional orthodontics. Lecturers overview Dr Chris Farrell, Professor Luca Levrini, Dr John Flutter, Dr Vincenzo Giorgino, Dr Steven R. Olmos and many more.

GC Orthodontics Study Club

By Dr Christian Samoila

3 days intensive course in a small group. Every day contains theoretical and hands- on practical part. The course is in english.

Orthodontic Symposium, Mallorca

“Aligners, Brackets or both?”

Join us for two days among colleagues, in a spectacular setting, featuring both a fantastic social and educational program, with leading experts in digital orthodontics, aligner treatment and conventional orthodontic treatment.

11 well-known lectors from the different parts of the world: Dr. Stefano Troiani (Switzerland), Dr. Tony Weir (Australia), Dr. Ute Schneider-Moser and Dr. Vincenzo D’Antò (Italy), Dr. Oliver Liebl (Germany), Dr. Diana Boangar (Rumenia) and many more.

Wilson 3D Quad Helix Course

By Dr Dmitri Somov

Hands on training provides an overview of the Wilson 3D Quad-Helix device, stages of preparation, the specifics of attaching and instructions for activation.

Cephalometrics Course By Dr. Nelson J. Oppermann
Myofunctional Course By Niels Hulsink
Orthodontics & Aesthetics: The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Concept By Dr. Julia Garcia Baeza
Infinitas Mini- Screws Course By Dr. Richard Cousley