Medeqi veebileht

A Team of Superwomen

Medeq is an Estonian company founded in 2017.

A team of three superwomen with a wish to offer innovative tools and materials for specialists.

We operate in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Annabell Bubnis

Annabell Bubnis

Sales Representative, Marketing Specialist

Annabell is our sales representative and talented marketing specialist.

You can contact her with all the questions regarding our products. In cooperation with the customer, she gives advice and shares recommendations to find the most suitable products from our range.

Helin Väät

Sales and Purchasing Assistant

Helin is the heart of our office. She is taking care of customers orders and planning purchases.

It’s always enjoyable to communicate with her because of her friendly nature and a good sense of humour.

Helin Väät

Margaret Pillet


Margaret is the founder and manager of Medeq.

With her long-term experience she can advise clients even on the most complex questions. In addition she deals with the company’s marketing and courses.