Instrumentidest on meie valikus Ixion Instruments, RMO ja DB Orthodontics ortodontilised instrumendid.

Instrumentide tootekataloogid: Ixion, RMO, DB Orthodontics.

This precision stainless steel instrument uses joint plier transfer to shear off convertible
caps effortlessly, and with one fluid motion.

The slender rail design allows doctors to easily access the buccal region with little

The blade tips feature a filleted design allowing for an easy, low-force cap removal.

Can be used on any convertible buccal tubes as well as convertible brackets.

Each packaged instrument will include two replacement blades.
Ixion ergonomically designed handles provide maximum comfort and optimal performance.
Ixion ergonomically designed handles provide maximum comfort and optimal performance.
Manufactured from Stainless steel this plier is able to bend hardwire up to .039´´ (1.0mm) max. Cuts hardwire up to .028´´ (0.7mm) max.
Grooved to hold several sizes of wire, jaw thickness is .12´´ (3.05mm).
The special features incorporated in this Ixion Weingart make this one of the most popular. Matching serrated tips hold wires firmly at a convenient working angle.
Same as ix800 but with inserted tips providing maximum wire control and prevents the wire from slipping.
Same design as ix813 with the addition of inserted tips providing maximum wire control and improved gripping.
Ixion Aligner Plier Instrument Set - The popular choice for premium instrumentation of orthodontists globally. Ixion´s elegant, precision engineered instruments are created by DB Orthodontics in partnership with world leading orthodontic experts.

This kit includes all 5 of our Ixion Aligner Pliers in a metal Ixion branded presentation tin.

Pliers Included:

IX887 Ixion Aligner Plier - Torque
IX888 Ixion Aligner Plier - Rotation
IX889 Ixion Aligner Plier - Retention
IX890 Ixion Aligner Plier - Tear Drop
IX891 Ixion Aligner Plier - Hole Punch
This instrument cuts wires close to the buccal tube and safely holds the distal end. The Tungsten Carbide inserts ensure precision cutting, long wear and unsurpassed cutting performance. All Ixion distal end cutters feature safety hold.

Cutting Capacity: archwires up to .021” x .025” (.55 x .64mm)
Sturdy, rounded tips designed for twisting ligature wire. Tungsten Carbide tips ensure excellent wear.
Ixion Mosquito Forceps have fine serrated tips.
Standard cutter with 7 degree angled tips to allow easy access and better visibility in difficult to reach areas. Inserted tips ensure precision cutting of ligature wire, pins and elastics.
Maximum Cutting Capacity: soft wire up to .016” (.41mm).