Froggymouth Blue S

In just a few weeks, FroggyMouth stops atypical swallowing and allows secondary swallowing to take place, encouraging nasal breathing.

It is the only device that prevents a lip seal from forming, which is an essential element of atypical swallowing. By preventing any form of sucking, it perpetuates functional reeducation and thus the stability of your treatments.
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Tootekood: FM2017-01

How to choose the size of your Froggymouth?


Choosing the right size of froggymouth influences the effectiveness of the device on the patient.

Indeed, the froggymouth must be chosen in this way:


Horizontally, it should be slightly shorter than the size of the patient's mouth

The froggymouth should be horizontally smaller than the mouth so that it does not touch the commissures of the lips, that is to say the point of junction between the two lips.

Technical explanation: The choice of a horizontally smaller size than the mouth allows not to stretch the lips and to trigger a non physiological proprioception. The purpose of froggymouth is to inhibit the sensory and motor action of the facial nerve that innervates the lips


Vertically, there is no constraint:

The vertical opening of the froggymouth is the same regardless of size. It corresponds to the physiological opening and prevents the realization of a seal, this one allowing to establish a negative pressure inside the mouth.

FroggyMouth small
Average FroggyMouth
FroggyMouth big

The choice of Froggymouth is usually made visibly taking into account the information listed above.

However, if in doubt, measure the horizontal length between the two commissures of the patient's mouth.