Kārtot pēc:
1st & Final is an orthodontic pumice designed for polishing enamel.
Assure Plus Resin will increase surface adhesion to normal, atypical, dry or slightly contaminated enamel, and now zirconia and acrylic temps without additional primers. This universal bonding agent bonds to metal restorations and now porcelain without hydrofluoric acid. Can be used with any light or chemical cure system.
Composite Developed especially for aligners attachments

* Need a primer.

* No needs to have different shades as Aligner Connect have ability to imitate the appearance of tooth enamel (mimesis properties, as ceramic brackets) .

* High Filled composite, shock and tooth brush resistant.

* Depth of cure through attachment tray sheet optimum after 10 seconds with led lights
Plastic Conditioner - Acrylic Prep

Initiates bond between appliance and adhesive
10cc bottle