Myochew Pink

The Myotalea® Myochew™ by Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) assists in the eruption of teeth and soothes the irritation this eruption causes. The infant´s natural tendency to chew is also satisfied and helps the lower jaw to grow. More importantly, it is specifically designed for infants to improve the tongue and oral muscle function which assists natural growth of the teeth and jaws.

Bristle projections to clean all teeth.
Tongue Tube to stengthen tongue muscles which helps develop upper jaw.
Elliptical air spring base to stimulate natural jaw development.
Double arch encourages correct nasal breathing.
Teething lug to encourage chewing while teething.
Detachable strap to attach to clothing to prevent falling on the floor.
Medical grade silicone for comfort and biocompatibility. No latex or phalates.
Can be boiled to sterilise if required.

Step 1: It is best to allow the infant to pick up the Myochew™ and put it into their mouth by themselves. This is particularly important if you are replacing a pacifier with the Myochew™.
Step 2: Allow the child to naturally put the Myochew™ into their mouth, making sure the tongue tube is facing up.

Step 3: The infant will naturally chew and exercise the tongue against the tongue tube when the Myochew™ is in place.
Step 4: Allow the infant to use the Myochew™ until they remove it themselves or spit it out.
Step 5: Attach optional tether to prevent the Myochew™ from falling out of the mouth.
Step 6: Clean by rinsing under warm water. Sterilise by placing in boiling water for 10 mins if required.
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