Transplantation Stent - Set of 3

Tooth autotransplantation is the surgical movement of a donor tooth to a recipient site within the same individual. Autotransplantation is essentially a controlled avulsion and replantation, either into an extraction site or a surgically-prepared artificial socket.

Premolar transplantation is a well-recognised technique for managing missing anterior teeth, including teeth lost through trauma or developmentally absent teeth, such as in hypodontia and cleft palate. Other indications include replacement of a failing or a poor-prognosis permanent tooth and surgical repositioning of an impacted or ectopic permanent tooth.

DB Orthodontics has developed a range of transplantation stents with The Leeds Dental Institute autologous transplantation team.

Kit includes x3 stents - small, medium and large - plus stainless steel sterilisation cassette including locking arm (not shown).
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