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DB Rhino Rock Modelling Resin

Rhino Rock is most commonly used for making dental impressions models used in thermoforming, buy pouring directly into an alginate/silicone impression trays. Rhino Rock bench cures within 30 minutes, is dimensionally stable, with zero expansion. Rhino rock is strong and impact resistant, it will not chip. Rhino Rock models are white opaque in colour and can be 3D scanned.

Alternative to traditional dental laboratory gypsum stones
Reduced mess when model making, no powder residue
Pour directly into the alginate/silicone impression tray
Make a model within 30 minutes, hand mix, bench cures
No air bubbles or porosity
Accurate dimensionally stable, no expansion
Models won´t break or chip
Easy to trim on dental laboratory model trimmers.
Ideal for making thermoformed appliances
Rhino Rock models can be 3D scanned
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