3D Multilayer Zirconia Block 98 x 14 A3

Multilayer® 3D

Gradual hardness & Gradual translucency & Gradual color
3D multilayer realizes natural gradient of color,gradient of translucency and gradient of strength in a real sense, achieving another revolution of dental material and revolutionizing dentistry once again!

Color gradient:

6 layers of natural color transition, matching color gradient of natural tooth from cervical to incisal.

Translucency gradient:

Translucency from 57% in incisal to 43% in cervical.It shows gradient decrease,achieving life-like transparency of natural tooth enamel while low transparency in cervical has effective opaque!

Strength gradient:

Strength gradient from 600 Mpa to 900 Mpa. It achieves low strength in occlusion and causes no harm to opposing dentin. High strength in base part realizes long bridge restoration!


1) Anterior full contour (crown &bridge)
2) Posterior full contour (crown &bridge)

Color classification:

1) A1 A2 A3 A3.5 A4
2) B1 B2 B3 B4
3) C1 C2 C3 C4
4) D2 D3 D4

Chemical composition and Mechanical property:

1) Sintered Density ≥6g/cm³
2) Fracture Toughness =5Mpam½
3) Hardness(Hv 10) =1250

Flexural strength:

percentage thickness Strength

1st layer(light shade) 20% ≥600Mpa
2nd layer 15% ≥660Mpa
3rd layer 15% ≥730Mpa
4th layer 15% ≥780Mpa
5th layer 15% ≥830Mpa
6th layer 20% ≥900Mpa

Mechanical property:

Sintered Density ≥ 6.0 g/cm³
Bending Strength ≥ 900Mpa
Fracture toughness 5Mpam½
Hardness (Hv 10) 1250
Certification:KFDA-South Korea
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Tootekood: 9814A3