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Purified aluminium oxide powder for intra- and extra-oral blasting.

A micro-fine powder for cleaning and micro-roughening of ceramic, composite and metal surfaces prior to cementation. Ensures reinforcement of adhesion with bonding agents.
For use with Dento-Prep micro blaster.

Content: 900g Aluminium Oxide.
Particle size 50 um.
The Biofilling Starter Kit includes:

- OrthoMTA 10g (5 x 0.2g)
- Carrier (1 pc)
- Compacter 21mm (6 pcs /set)
- Compacter 25mm (6 pcs /set)
- Plugger NiTi (1 spc/set)
- Needle Tips (50 pcs)

OrthoMTA is a root canal filling material that replaces gutta percha. Its advantages are perfect seal, anti-bacterial, bioactivity and retrievability. Biofilling guarantees success when it comes to problems of file separation, cracked tooth, severely infected canal, and retreatment of acute apical abscess. OrthoMTA is a root canal filling material that is proven for remarkable long-term clinical success rate.
Create Alginate is specifically formulated for orthodontic needs. Natural fruit aroma, pleasant for both assistant & patient. Extra fast setting for speed and efficiency. Highly elastic creating high tear strength.

Sold in bags of 500g.
* Adjustable : Any-tray can be adjustable for various size of dental arch, even that children.

* Transformable : Any-tray can be transformed for any kind of impression such as implant, partial and edentulous impression.

* No adhesive : Any-tray don´t require adhesive for taking impression.