Myofunctional Research Europa BV

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K3 toetab lõpliku hambumuse välja kujunemist ja retensiooni. K3 kõva polüretaanist karkass aitab kaasa suurepärase hambumuse välja kujunemisele ning retensioonile. Seest tühi keele alus aitab keelel püsida õiges asendis.

The T4 provides final alignment of the teeth and jaws. The T4’s firm polyurethane construction also provides excellent retention. The hollow tongue tag encourages final tongue position.

The P-3® provides jaw repositioning to help correct class III malocclusion in the permanent dentition. The P-3® features Frankel Shields that maximise any Frankel effect to adapt the maxilla in a more forward position as well as a 3mm offset of the upper and lower incisor position.

The A2 provides arch development as well as habit correction and dental alignment. The A2 is made of medium-hardness polyurethane and provides arch development and puts small force on the teeth for improved dental alignment.

The B3 provides habit correction in the retention phase. It features a widened channel, tongue tag, tongue guard, elevators, extended lip bumpers and high sides to correct tongue position, discourage overactive lip function and encourage nasal breathing in conjunction with clear aligners.