myOSA TMD Low Version

The Myosa® for TMD appliance is designed to assist in the diagnosis of jaw joint (TMJ) disorder and should be fitted and adjusted by your doctor to the correct therapeutic bite. Once adjusted ensure a tight fit but make sure the appliance can be comfortably removed and replaced into the correct position. Do not clench or grind your teeth on the Myosa® for TMD as this will cause premature wear or splitting. When in place you should keep your lips together and although it is not necessary to have your teeth closed, you should practice moving the lower jaw into the bite your doctor has set for you. Prior to using the Myosa® for TMD patients should visit a medical or dental practitioner for evaluation of the jaw joint (TMJ) disorder. This evaluation will determine the potential benefit of the appliance in conjunction with other treatments. The Myosa® for TMD serves as both a diagnostic tool as well as initial treatment and can be used to determine if symptoms are directly related to causes of TMJ Disorder. Use the Myosa® for TMD during daily activities.

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