myOSA TG (Soft)

Treatment with a soft flexible oral appliance is considered the most convenient way to protect against the harmful effects of night time teeth grinding. The Myosa® for Teeth Grinders - TG is designed to fit over the upper teeth and provide an immediate protective barrier. When worn during sleep the Myosa® for Teeth Grinders - TG protects the teeth as well as the jaw joints (TMJ) against the harmful effects of teeth grinding. Once moulded correctly, which takes less than two minutes, the customisable appliance will provide excellent retention. The Myosa® for Teeth Grinders - TG is recommended for night time us as well as during the day if daytime grinding is a problem. The single layer appliance, which is made from flexible material, fits comfortably in any mouth size and when in place helps reduce muscle tension around the mouth during sleep. Thickened base provides increased protection of the teeth and jaw joints. Tongue guards assist to position the tongue correctly. Easily mouldable can be moulded and if necessary remoulded in less than 2 minutes. Single layer provides easy moulding and maximum comfort. Aerofoil base decompresses the jaw joints (TMJ). Provides optimum jaw position optimum vertical opening for most patients.

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